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Convenient Sets

Valuable, Convenient Kits and Sets!


Looking to get started with essentials? We've prepared a number of convenient sets and kits that not only provide you with the products you need, but also save you money!


We've got kits and bundles available across all of our product lines, from Cosmetics and Skincare to Fitness and Weight Loss - so you're sure to find something that you're looking for!

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My Top Resources

Life Extension - Vital Information & Products for Health & Longevity

Life Extension - Vital Information & Products for Health & Longevity

Life Extension gives voice to the most cutting-edge doctors and new thinking. This is also my source for vitamins and supplements. This non-profit organization has scientifically proven the benefits of supplementation, bioidentical hormones, and natural approaches to health and hormones. 


LifeWave Non-Drug Patches – Proven Solutions!

LifeWave Non-Drug Patches – Proven Solutions!

I have been using these non-drug patches – with incredible results – to manage pain, improve sleep, increase energy, suppress appetite, even for overall detoxification. I can't say enough about them! Why take a pill when you can wear a non-drug patch? This is truly breakthrough medicine! 

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Suzanne Somers' Official Website: Organic Makeup, Anti Aging Cream, ToxicFree Skincare, Household Cleaning Supplies

Organic Makeup, Green Home Cleaning Supplies, Anti Aging Skincare, Cream, Serums, and Lotions.

If you don't want to compromise your beauty regimen but still want powerful anti aging skincare, body care, and organic makeup which helps you avoid toxins and harmful chemicals, you've reached the right website! SUZANNE Organics offers a complete line of organic makeup and cosmetics, Anti Aging Eye Cream, ToxicFree Skincare, Body Care, and Haircare, Premium Supplements – even Green Chemical-Free Home Cleaning Supplies.


Gluten-Free, Chemical-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Made in the United States

We're proud to offer Organic Makeup, Anti Aging Cream, Chemical-Free Cleaning Supplies, and ToxicFree Skincare that is Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Made in the United States. If you want to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, you want our highly-rated, revolutionary organic makeup, anti aging cream and serum, toxicfree skincare, body care, and haircare.


Give Suzanne Somers' Acclaimed Organic Beauty Regimen and Green Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Supplies a Try - Risk Free!

If you're looking for the some of the best anti aging cream, a top-rated all natural serum, premium organic makeup made from superfood for your skin, and the most luxurious body lotion you've ever used, you owe it to yourself to give SUZANNE Organics a try! We have a generous money-back guarantee, tops among organic body care and organic makeup brands, so you can buy in confidence. 


And Don't Forget The Famous ThighMaster - The Best for Home Thigh Fitness.

The incredible fitness breakthrough that started it all is still as effective as ever for toned, sculpted thighs and legs!

Proud to be: Organic Makeup Brand USA Made, Organic Body Care Brand USA Made, Organic Skincare Brand USA Made, Organic Haircare Brand USA Made. Non Toxic Home Cleaning Supplier.

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