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Vio-Renew Facial Cleansing System with Ultra Violet Clean Light


This cleansing brush has specially designed bristles that effectively clean, exfoliate and renew the skin's appearance. The Vio-Renew is the perfect cleansing brush to use with my SUZANNE Organics facial cleansers.

  • Vio-Renew is a revolutionary advancement in skin cleansing because it combines with UV light technology.
  • Rather than a subtle vibration or oscillation, Vio-Renew uses full 360° rotation and specially designed bristle so effectively clean, exfoliate, and renew the skins appearance.
  • Use daily to fresh, smooth, radiant complexion.
  • Vio-Renew uses a special 200 nm ultra violet light. After use, put the devices back on its charger, and it automatically goes through a 20 minutes UV cycle.
  • Long, soft, sweeping bristles are comfortable for daily use.
  • Use to remove oil, dirt and make up.
  • Assists in smooth application of makeup.
  • Variable speed - you choose your comfort level.
  • UV light automatically activates upon placement into charger after use.
  • Small, hand held, easy to travel with - sealing travel cap allows you to carry with you even when brush head is wet.
  • Removable and replaceable brush head - if the bush is frayed or dirty, it can be replaced.
  • Rechargable - no need to replace batteries.
  • Large back lit control buttons are easy to operate.

This is best used with the Everyday Cleanser, the Bioactive Moisturizer, the Foaming Exfoliating Cleanser, and the Purifying Mineral Mask to clean, exfoliate and renew your skin's appearance!

Vio-Renew UV Handheld Cleansing Device 
Recharging Base 
AC Adapter 
User Manual

Made in United States.

WARRANTY: Vio-Renew device has a limited 90-day manufacturer warranty; BioRenew Labs, LLC Toll Free: (888) 456-9677 M-F 9am-5pm Pacific Standard Time

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