Peppermint Creme Coconut Soy Candle

Peppermint Creme Coconut Soy Candle

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Slow Burning, Clean and Bright

Treat your senses to the slow burning, clean and bright candle, made from a 100% natural wax blend of coconut and soy with the comforting fragrance of Peppermint Creme, including essential oils of peppermint

  • Luxury Natural Wax Blend of Coconut and Soy – burns clean with no toxic paraffin.

  • 100% cotton wick

  • PEPPERMINT CREME in matte pink glass, includes essential oils of peppermint

  • Made in the USA

  • 8 ounce

Free of Toxins Found in Many Conventional Candles

Do you know what could be lurking in that beautiful, scented candle you love?

Toxins In Conventional Scented Candles:
    Most candles are made of paraffin wax (a petroleum waste product that is chemically bleached), which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene (both are known carcinogens) when burned. In fact, the petro-soot released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes and can be as dangerous at second-hand smoke. In 2001, the EPA concluded that burning paraffin candles emit harmful toxins and increase health risks with multiple exposures.

    A 2015 study by university-affiliated researchers in South Korea found that scented candles release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) both before being lit and while lit, concluding that scented candles “should act as potent sources of VOC emission in indoor environments.”

    Candle wicks can also be a source of toxins in scented candles. In the US, candle wicks are supposed to be made of cotton or paper, but lead-core wicks can still be found, especially in products manufactured in China or Taiwan. A candle with a lead-core wick releases five times the amount of lead considered hazardous for children and exceeds EPA pollution standards for outdoor air. You don’t even need to light the candle to be exposed to chemicals, simple evaporation from an uncovered candle can release pollutants into the air and touching a candle can cause absorption of chemicals through the skin.

    Conventional candles may contain the same types of toxins found in toxic room sprays, plug-ins, incense sticks, and oils.

    The synthetic fragrances that create candle scents usually contain phthalates. As candles burn, phthalates are released into the air where they may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Once they enter the bloodstream, they can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms in some people and have been found to alter hormone levels. Not a great choice for anyone.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Best smelling candle ever!

This candle smells so good, I take the wax after burning it and rub it behind my ears and wrist. It smells exactly like peppermint ice cream!


So beautiful and smells so amazing! It didn’t bother my allergies or give me a headache like other candles!

Peppermint Candle

I love the light fragrance and the soft rosy glow

Katherine Sharpe
Who knew this candle would be so beautiful!!

I have never owned a candle because there too smelly and over powering until I bought this beautiful candle from Suzanne. I bought the peppermint cream in the beautiful pink glass. I bought it last year and then I was watched there show and they were advertisings them and I thought I love peppermint I should order one. Then I remembered I already had one. So on Christmas Eve I it up. It was such a nice soothing smell not over powering . I am so happy I tried Suzanne’s candle. I have been listening to Suzanne, Al and Caroline’s show since they started. Sorry for you loss of a beautiful women inside and out❤️

Gorgeous candle!

I use gift certificates (from my loyalty points) to purchase this beautiful candle because it's a little more than I would spend on a candle. However, it feels so good burning a candle that is free of toxins found in many conventional candles. I am careful to find candles that are "clean." This one smells lovely. It is a nice and subtle peppermint cream scent! Thank you Suzanne for all your beautiful products.