SUZANNE Organics 7-Piece Super Leg and Feet Kit –

SUZANNE Organics 7-Piece Super Leg and Feet Kit



Please note: Nail Polish cannot be delivered to anywhere outside of the contiguous 48 United States.

While most nail polishes rely on dangerous toxins and unhealthy chemicals for their vibrant colors and luxurious coverage, SUZANNE 10-Toxin Free Nail Polish is made with the highest quality vegan products to produce the safest 10-toxin free nail polish available! 

This incredible money saving bundle includes:

  • SUZANNE Organics Refreshing Foot Mist
  • SUZANNE Organics Heel Restore
  • SUZANNE Organics Ageless Body Spray
  • RestoreLife Sexy Leg Renew
  • SUZANNE 10-Toxin Free Nail Polish - Halo
  • SUZANNE 10-Toxin Free Nail Polish - Flamingo
  • SUZANNE Nail File

Refreshing Foot Mist

Refresh hot, tired feet with cooling mint natural deodorizers.

      Heel Restore

      Transform your heels from dry, flakey, and crevice-filled to smooth, soft and sandal-ready with this soothing regenerative lotion in the natural scent of cool mint.

      Ageless Body Spray

      The BRAND new AGELESS MIST which is the companion body product for AGELESS SERUM, which everyone already knows and loves for the face. We can’t forget about the precious skin on our bodies and this beautiful mist contains:

      • Fulvic Acid - Supplies electrolytes and enhances penetration to the epidermis
      • Hyaluronate - Helps hydrate and restore vitality to skin
      • Georgia Peach Extract - Enhances natural exfoliation process
      • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides - Coconut derived essential fatty acids

      Helps moisturize your skin to keep it looking supple and hydrated! This Certified ToxicFree formula will help your skin feel its best without breaking the bank or making you feel guilty about ingredients - no toxins!

      Sexy Leg Renew

      Nearly half of all American women develop unsightly leg veins by the time they reach age 50.(1)Inflammatory factors are the chief culprit behind the presence of these unwanted signs of aging.(5) Fight these inflammatory factors with diosmin, an extract of Sweet Orange that European women have been using for three decades! Sexy Leg contains a proprietary form of diosmin extract called Diosmin 95, which has undergone a micronization process to ensure the active compounds in each tablet are rapidly absorbed — essential because diosmin must reach the leg veins directly in order to be effective. Diosmin 95 is the only form of diosmin clinically shown to promote healthy vascular function in the legs.(1-4) Nurture beautiful legs with the same extract used by European women. Try Sexy Leg All Natural Supplement today!


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