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GUT RENEW Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bar (10 Count)

GUT RENEW Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bar (10 Count)

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Organic Plant-Based Protein and Gut Renew Support

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Delicious bars with clean ingredients provide the perfect between meal snack to keep your energy up and your cravings in check. These tasty bars include SUZANNE™ GUT RENEW Superfood Protein Formula with organic, plant-based protein, plus gut health nutrients to support a healthy gut. 10 bars per box.  

peanut butter honey is delicious

With Phyto Greens • Phyto Fruit and Vegetable Blend • Sea Minerals 


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Customer Reviews

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Carolion Vincent
Delicious banana bars!

I LOVED the banana bars and can’t find them on your site! Will try the peanut butter altho would love an almond bar if possible! Or cashew??

Best Gut Renew PB bars!

I have one of these bars every day as they are a great treat whenever you get a craving for something sweet! Please don't stop making them! Also, can you please make a chocolate mint gut renew bar? Can't wait for the chocolate fudge brownie bars to come out also! :)

Vernett Young
Love it!

Peanut Butter Bars are great to keep in your purse for a good healthy snack between meals.

Carol M
Love these bars!

I started the Gut Renew and have been eating these bars in addition to the shakes. They are so good and filling! I would like to see if they could make a chocolate chip one or a chocolate peanut butter bar. Amazing! Love this product!

John Sullivan

I was looking for a clean, healthy protein bar to replace my peanut butter cups when I need something sweet and satisfying. This protein bar is the answer for me. It has such a great taste and just sweet enough to keep me satisfied in between meals. Only 200 calories per bar! Thank you to the Suzanne team for putting out such great products, I am a lifer for sure!