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INFUSIO Aromatic Infused
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - Blood Orange



Hand-Harvested Extraordinary Quality and Taste

We start with the finest hand-harvested olives to create small batches of extra virgin olive oil, then infuse these beautiful oils with aromatic herbs, spices or citrus for a variety of finishing oils that will bring life to salads, vegetables, marinades, pastas, grains, breads, poultry, fish, pork, beef and more.  Layer these sublime oils with Infusio Balsamic Vinegars for extraordinary flavor profiles.

Gourmet Infusions


Hand-harvested olives are crushed with aromatic sweet Blood Oranges to produce a flavor sensation in this unique olive oil. Drizzle on salads and steamed vegetables, use as a dip for bread or crudite, as a finishing oil for simple pasta with Parmesan, or to bring chicken and fish dishes to new heights. 

Pairs beautifully with:
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Infusio Vanilla Fig Balsamic Vinegar


12.7 ounces


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