Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers ThighMaster Gold

Suzanne Somers ThighMaster Gold

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Still the Best for Rock Hard Thighs!

Value Alert: You can also get the ThighMaster LBX (ButtMaster) in the incredible ThighMaster Toning System!

The Famous Leg Workout At-Home Device That Tones, Shapes, and Firms Your Inner Thighs

It's my famous ThighMaster! This little wonder is still the best way to tone, shape and firm your inner thighs with just a few squeezes a day.

  • Squeeze your way to firmer thighs
  • Easy to use - work out and watch TV
  • Totally portable for home or office
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Janet Edmondson

Love them both!

jennifer bate
I'm Rock Hard!

thanks to the thighmaster i am now rock hard all the time! it really firms you up and makes you feel young fourth husband could not be happier with the results. im not the only one the thighmaster is making rock hard if you know what i mean LOL.

This toning system really does what it says: It tones you!

I love my Thigh Master and my Butt Master that I have enjoyed for many years! Please sell the "Toning System Instructional DVD" separately for those who never received one (me)! Thanks for a great product!

Sharon La Rosa
This thighmaster really works

OMG! I bought this device thinking oh I guess It can't hurt. Well a few maybe 3 days into using it I could not believe how much it really does change the body. Not only are my thighs getting firmer but my upper arms are actually showing a tiny muscle and felling harder to the touch . Also my stomach and lower back get a full workout too. I heard Suzanne say once she did 50 3 times a day total of 150 . So I decided to do exactly what she did because she always looked so great . I am up to 200 a day which is very easy to achieve because you can literally be sitting on your couch watching Netflix and be using your thigh master I absolutely love it and the changes Iam feeling and now seeing in my body. Even my posture is better because things are getting firmer and stronger . So if you are even thinking about it . Just do it and use it . I promise you'll be so glad you did.

C. Driskell
Does what it says....and does it WELL!

Do what they say. In fact, theButt Masteror as I like to jokingly refer to it, The Master of Butts, is literally the ONLY excercise that has ever toned my posterior, and believe me, I have tried it all. I have been cursed from birth with a Hank Hill flat booty and no amount of squats, back leg lifts, or you name it ever changed my particle board behind into a peach. But I was lucky enough to find a Master of Butts at a garage sale a few years ago (I didn't know they were still being made, honestly) and SQUEALED with delight! I had owned the Thigh Master and remembered how fantastically that had tighted my thighs and lifted chest, so I had semi-high hopes. I never expected things to plump up as quickly as they DID. Now, to be fair I do build muscle quickly. But I was seeing some results within DAYS. I felt the burn that let's you know this is a real excercise the next day. I still have my original and a Thigh Master I found which shows how sturdy they are. Glad to see that they are still being sold, because when they DO wear out I am coming back for more...and I have family that have seen mine and want their own, so I know where to direct them now. Please don't hesitate. This isn't cheesy infomercial workout tat. This equipment does what it says on the tin!!! Please, to whoever is in corporate reading this don't stop making or change this fabulous equipment!!! The buttless amongst us NEED IT!!! Thank you...