- My Wellness Guide for the New Year!
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My Wellness Guide for the New Year!

Take The First Step Towards A New You!

Hit the Ground RUNNING in 2014!

I absolutely love the New Year because it's a chance to take a good look at yourself and decide where you'd like to improve. And if you're like me, nothing is more exciting then the idea of self improvement! Better health, better attitude – a better you all around! We've got some amazing products to help you in the New Year and beyond!

Weight Loss

Sexy Forever & Sexy Forever Recipe Bible Book Duo

Blast off the holiday pounds! This is the perfect duo to FIGHT FAT AFTER 40! Learn the obstacles in your way and blow past them so you can be Sexy Forever. And you'll have hundreds of recipes to keep you satisfied and on track with the Sexy Forever Recipe Bible!

All Natural SomerSweet

Give up artificial sweeteners and refined sugar!  It's the best way to start your year off healthy!  And you will love the way it tastes and bakes, just like real sugar!

Protein Shakes – BACK IN STOCK!

Just back in stock!  Your favorite SUZANNE Protein Shakes with the creamy, dreamy taste are made with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners! These protein packed drinks are perfect for a quick meal or snack.

SUZANNE Coconut Chocolate Bar

These amazing Coconut Bars are coated in dark chocolate! All the healthy benefits of coconut in a no-sugar treat! Absolutely perfect to satisfy any craving for something sweet - guilt-free!


Bring the gym home! Getting in shape can be EASY with these amazing fitness products!

EZ-GYM EZ-GYM gives you an UPPER and LOWER BODY WORKOUT with a portable gym that goes everywhere you go!  Simply throw over the door and your workout is done in just minutes a day.

The ThighMaster Toning System Of course the THIGHMASTER is the easiest way to tone those thighs - use it while you watch TV or under the desk at work.  Still the best secret for great legs after all these years! And with this amazing value, you'll also get the ThighMaster LBX to tighten and tone your hips, buns and outer thighs.

Total Thigh TrainerThis is an incredible machine, and one that I use myself to keep my thighs, hips and butt in shape! It's a fun, easy way to glide your way to cardio fitness and exercise several different muscle groups on the thighs, hips and butt at the same time! Use it for a lifted, toned butt, slim hips, and sexy legs!


Time to focus on your health!!! RestoreLife Supplements are high-quality products with purity and potency of ingredients sources from the United States, Europe and Japan. Restore your body with antioxidants, immune-building vitamins, minerals and supplements and start your year off right!
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