Use Multi-Pay for Shopping Convenience –


Make Shopping Easier with Interest Free Installment Payments

We're pleased to add a Multi-Payment option for purchases over $100 at! You can now split purchases of $100 or more and pay them over time to stretch every dollar.

  • NO interest
  • NO application
  • NO credit check
  • ONLY more affordable payments

How It Works:

(1) Shop as you normally would, and then checkout.

(2) During the checkout process, when you choose your payment method, select SPLITIT.

(3) Enjoy Interest Free Installment Payments!

No credit checks required!

Please note: Splitit obtains authorization from the credit card company for the full purchase amount. This is not a charge on the card - it is simply holding in reserve the order amount, and may show as "pending" on your statement. Your first payment is taken immediately. The rest will be paid automatically in monthly payments.


Order Total: $120 split over 3 months.

Pay Today: $40 ($80 still authorized on card)

2ND PAYMENT: $40 ($40 still authorized on card)

3RD PAYMENT: $40 (no more authorized on card)

No debit cards or American Express.