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True Brazilian Oscillating Flat Iron


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High Quality Oscillating Flat Iron for Use with True Brazilian Activating Serum and Finishing Gloss

Traditional Brazilian straightening treatments use a combination of chemicals to straighten hair, reduce frizz, and provide a silky soft long lasting texture. These treatments may require a lengthy salon visit, and can be very expensive. Some treatments even contain formaldehyde. My True Brazilian products provides an at-home, salon-style anti frizz treatment - with no harmful added chemicals!

This iron is for use with the activating serum and the finishing gloss.

If you're looking for long, straight and silky textured hair, this is a must-try treatment!

    Oscillating Flat Iron:

    • Reaches a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Helps hydrating ingredients absorb into the hair shaft.
    • Combines heat and vibration to not only help make the hair look healthy, but it will seal the benefits for a longer period, achieving better minimization of split ends.

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