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I live the oroducts

Good stuff—everything.

Years of use

I have used this product many years. I love its not "soapy" and still gets the job done! Leaves you feeling soft.


This is so simple to make, has a good pudding taste and I actually think it is helping me sleep better, The days I eat this, I have been sleeping through the night that night. I am not making any definitely claims to this and it might not do this for everyone, but I am going to keep tract of this development and use myself as the guinea pig. LOL

Monthly Subscription Box

What a great deal! It gives you the opportunity to try the products at an affordable price! Very very happy with my subscription. All of the products that I've received are above and beyond my expectations.

Ocular Renew
Michael Sgro

Just amazing! Eye health is so important and this product has helped me immensely!

Love Bracelet a Gift from Suzanne

I received mine in my October Selects Box, because Suzanne passed a day before her birthday I wanted to keep it as a special momentum. So, I ordered a second one to wear to keep Suzanne’s message alive. A beautiful bracelet and a way to keep Suzanne close

Gut Renew experience

I’m really impressed by Gut Renew. I was a little put off by the price but I have to tell you it’s worth it and I’m totally making the investment. My stomach is so much better. My bloating is better going to the bathroom is better I’m just so thankful for this and I’ve tried so many things and I’m not just saying this because I love Suzanne Somers but it really does work. Thank you ALL xoxox

It works!

This is excellent! I had bald spots and areas of thinning that have been filled in and my hair grows quickly. I also had areas that had broken off during highlights being applied that have also grown out!!!!


This works with the probotic. I take both 0f them for the best results.

This works!

I was so pleased with this deodorant. The scent is lovely and it really works. I will buy this again.

Lotion Love

Best EVER lotion. It absorbs well and isn’t greasy 👏🏻

Longevity drink

I drink one every morning mixed with super greens and healthy seeds and almond pb and unsweeet almond milk. I have been drinking this for a couple of years and I love both the chocolate and reg flavor. My stomach has gotten flatter and I believe it’s improved my overall health. I fast a lot so this product really helps me out with that as well cause I drink this everyday after a 16 to 18 hour fast and it keeps me energetic and feeling great. When I skip a day I can tell I don’t feel as good and neither does my gut.

Love it!

Greatest product!

Best purchase ever!

I bought this last year and let me tell you I noticed by the day after I got it how the air in my home was just easier to breathe. It just gives me my home a freshness. I did not realize what a difference with the freshness until one day I noticed my house had a musky scent and I was like ugh why does my house smell old and that’s when I noticed my wellis had gotten unplugged. It really makes a difference. I always keep my home smelling good and clean and never noticed that old smell until after having the wellis for a while and then it getting unplugged by accident.


I love the floating gardenia scent! The candle makes my house smell so good without even having to light the candle and the hand lotion and roller I love! The hand lotion smell reminds me of the smell of a new babydoll. It’s just this really good familiar nostalgic smell that I crave. I hope they come out with a floating gardenia body butter too.

Amazing product for many uses

This stuff is like gold to me! I use a few drops in my bath water and it softens my skin beyond amazement. I also use it to tame my hair, and add to my conditioner. It smells so good, like a really good lightly scented tanning oil.

Can’t live without this!

I put this on my hair once a week. I dampen my hair and put out it all over my hair and comb through, then put on a shower cap and sleep in it overnight and when I wash it out the next day, my hair is softer than it’s ever been in my life! I also now do the technic that Leslie told us about on one of the lives and I put the tin foil over my straightening iron and get the iron hot and hot iron my hair while the renew masque is on it and it works so good just like getting a conditioning treatment under dryer at salon.

They help my gut!

I didn’t realize how much these bars worked. I ordered them as a snack but not only did they curb my appetite and taste great, they helped me with bloating and I just feel general well when I have one daily.

If you try this once, you will be hooked!

The peppermint scrub is so yummy and the peppermint body butter is freakin amazinggg! It smells like so good and makes my skin feel so cool and it just relaxed me. I use the scrub in the bath and then I get out and put the body butter on and light my Suzanne peppermint candle and OMG! You just have to try it to understand and I get into bed and it makes my sheets feels so good. I always use the Manuka honey peppermint hand lotion too and I put it on my feet as well and I get the best night sleep ever!

Best smelling candle ever!

This candle smells so good, I take the wax after burning it and rub it behind my ears and wrist. It smells exactly like peppermint ice cream!

Miracle products!

I use all of Suzanne products and I am always having people ask me how I look so young and some even think I have had a facelift! As a former cosmetologist I never thought it was possible for skin products to do what Suzanne’s products do but they actually firm and lift the skin on my face, and I have never even had fillers and I’m 52 years old, always been a beach girl and have no wrinkles! Before I started using Suzanne products my face was looking a little tired and kinda saggy in places but not anymore! I pray these products stay around because as long as they do I know I will continue looking young.

Ocular Renew
Ann Grantham

Love it. I have been using for a week and it has helped my eyesight

Best toothpaste

This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. I have used plenty of different kinds too.

Suzanne's Product's Top Notch

Love all your products! My only complaint, as always, is shipping is wierd.
I live less than 400 miles away but my purchase sits in Compton for ages! Why is that? Look at my purchase history and where it sits for weeks sometimes. Is there something I need to ask on my purchases ?

Hi Beverly - please contact our customer service and let us know which purchases sat for weeks prior to sending! We looked through your recent purchase history and weren't able to find any, and that's definitely not in line with the top notch experience we want all of our customers to enjoy! Thank you for being a customer!!