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I watched Suzanne on Three’s Company when I was growing up and thought she was hilarious. I also followed Suzanne since she was on HSN and QVC showing all her amazing products. She was mesmerizing and I would watch her for hours while learning so much. For years I have purchased her skin care, supplements, food products, and many of her amazing books. Anytime I could watch her talk about health and wellness I would and friends and family are probably tired of hearing me speak about her advice and what I was doing because I watched her or read it one of her books. She was such a pioneer and am so sad that she lost her battle to cancer. She will truly be missed, but she left behind a legacy that won’t be forgotten.

Christine R

Our family grew up in the late 70s, 80s. Suzanne was on 3s Company, and guest starred on many talk shows. We enjoyed her bright & bubly personality. She was a beautiful woman, inside & out. My heart goes out to her family. The more someone meant in our lives, the bigger the empty space their passing leaves in our hearts. Prayers God’s Holy Spirit comforts you all with His peace. I can picture her singing & dancing around heaven. She is not gone, she has changed residences. God bless you all. ❤️🙏❤️

Marie Longo

I learned so much from her and am still learning.

Thank you Suzanne! 🌺


Like so many others Suzanne was a bright sunshine ray of happiness that brought smiles to all our faces for so long! She was a breath of fresh air so fun to watch and enjoy! Her expressions and charisma just drew you to the television! The three were so comical on the Company and made us laugh so hard we cried! It was truly refreshing to watch these kids having fun turns out Suzanne was older than me! Any one who knew her or blessed to see her had a wonderful experience and got to see a lot of talent! I loved her even though I didn’t know her but sure felt like I did! She was a little dollbaby so sweet! I lost a sister to breast cancer in 2006 following an 1i year battle! They are both with the Lord now and one day soon we will follow! Thank you for your sweet post! I am not great at writing but this is from the heart! God bless each of you and trust you realize Suzanne will be spending Christmas this year with JESUS!

Ruth Stamper

I’ve “known” Suzanne since Three’s Company…..l still watch reruns. It was a special show since l’m from Indy 🏆 🏎️ and so was Janet on the show. I drive to French Lick and West Baden, Indiana often. They have a visiting Celebrity Wall of Fame and their pictures go up on the wall down the hallway. I noticed Somers was misspelled ‘Summers’ on her photo and l made sure it was corrected. She is on a corner wall along with others and my other ‘idol’ Tony Dow, who l had just met before his passing. I wish l could send you a photo of the wall through one of your emails. Ask Al if he recalls visiting the resort and why.
I will be watching Suzanne’s memorial with enough tears for all of you….she was so loved. I miss her showing what heels she was wearing, l miss her leopard clothes and chair ( l miss your old house), her laugh, stories of the mountain goats and your garden and her expertise of products bring sold. God Bless ❤️.

Anna Bair

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