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Sending my condolences to Al and family. I am so sad to hear that Suzanne suffered like she did and am praying for you all for comfort at this time. She did not look real well for the last year. Just know she is no longer in pain. I love how we all can hold tight to all the memories with her together.

Lori G.

Suzanne was such an inspiration to us all❤️

Smart, beautiful and loving.

Thank you for sharing your time and her legacy with us.

It helps soften the pain of her loss, being with you all.

Alan, I know you lost your sonata, best friend, wife and there are no words to express how my heart hurts for you !! Keep the stories coming and know that one can only hope for a love so deep ❤️


All of the beautiful words in the English dictionary just don’t do her justice do they? Such a sweet loving soul , and though I never knew her personally , I can see her spirit lives on in all of you. I first was introduced to Suzanne back in the very early 2000s . I read a cpl of her books on bio identical hormone replacement therapy and it waa eye opening for sure and you could tell she genuinely cared about people and wanted us all to feel her love. What a huge heart she had and will be missed and never forgotten.
Anyway, It’s been a pleasure hanging out with you guys via videos on fb and ordering from the company and I plan to continue doing so. Blessings to you all as you keep her memory and legacy alive.

Lisa Hamby

I just love a person that can love so much and not shy away from it. I’m so in awe of someone that can share that with so many and not be afraid they’d suck it all out of her. She never seemed afraid. I always knew I could dial into a video and feel her love for me. Such an amazing teacher of Love. Such an amazing teacher. Will be with me forever.

Mandy Boekenoogen

To Alan, Bruce,, Caroline and grandchildren my Prayers are with you all. Suzanne meant so much to so many people. She is missed by so many. I remember Suzanne being on the tonight show. I watched 3s company loved that show with her on it. I watched most if not all her fb videos of all you guys cooking and sitting around talking with us like you were are family. Thats how I feel at least and I’m sure so many people does to. Miss you Suzanne. God be with all your family now and fly with the angels sweet sweet Suzanne. You all are doing a wonderful job keep her business alive. I hope you never stop. I love watching all your videos. 💞


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