Suzanne Somers

Get Skinny on Fabulous Food

Get Skinny on Fabulous Food

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Over 5 Million People Have Found Success!

The second book in my Somersize series includes my complete, updated program that has helped over 5 million people lose weight while eating the foods they love.

Find out why Somersizing has swept the nation! In Get Skinny on Fabulous Food, I show you how to shed pounds for good and have more energy than ever before — without dieting.

How to Reach Your Healthy Weight — without Dieting!

This lifestyle-altering book provides you with:

  • The guilt-free way to reprogram your metabolism -- including more than 100 delicious Somersized recipes that leave you both satisfied and indulged
  • Breakthrough research on food and nutrition that changes the way you think about your body
  • Moving personal testimonials guaranteed to motivate and encourage you
  • An easy-to-follow plan that teaches you how to combine foods properly so that you'll get, and stay, skinny without feeling deprived
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Harmony 
  • Language: English


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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Book

I really love having this book around as a constant reference for healthy, but impressive recipes. The photos and stories that accompany them are truly special and making cooking from this book even more enjoyable, knowing they were a part of Suzanne’s life and her family’s.

Get Skinny on Fabulous Food

I am glad that I got this SS Book. I love that she came out with 130 new recipes in this book! P.S. Also I just found SS "The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible Recipe Book" on Amazon. Apparently someone wanted to sell it used. So I grabbed it! It is in great shape to boot! Also I wanted to give Caroline Somers a shout out in her new recipe book> "Served". I can't wait Caroline for your next book to come out on your recipes of your Holidays! I am trying all your Oils and Balsamics! Thank you Alan, Caroline, Bruce, The Team, and the Family. Thank you for letting us be part of your Family.


I love the recipes in this book and the Somersize way of eating helped me lose weight.