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Supplement Organizer - 20 Compartments

Supplement Organizer - 20 Compartments

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This clear 20 section organizer is great for vitamins and supplements. Have peace of mind knowing that the compartment is sealed with a silicone gasket, creating an airtight and moisture-free container for your items. Accordingly, this seal prevents supplements or pills from oxidation and spoilage. Each compartment features a contoured bottom, making for simple removal of extra-small or small items.

12 Compartment Size Available

  • Airtight and Waterproof - Great for humid environments! The silicone gasket prevents your pills and supplements from oxidation, moisture and spoilage.
  • Strong and Secure Closure - Will not accidentally open and the lid will not easily break off.
  • Easy to Open - To open just flip down the large easy to grab latch and lift the lid. The latch is ergonomic with a curved cut out area that makes it easier and more comfortable to flip down the latch.
  • Easy to Remove Pills - The bottoms of the compartments are curved on 2 sides so when you are down to a few pills they do not get stuck in a corner, just reach in a scoop out!
  • Supplement scheduling card - We include a sturdy scheduling card so you can write in the supplement name, dosage and any other important information regarding the pill or tablet. You can tape it to the top of the lid or just lay inside the container.
  • Great for Travel - Keep all your pills organized and in 1 container and then when you are ready to go just drop in your suitcase, luggage or bag.

12 compartment product dimensions: Overall: 8″ x 6″ x 1.9″ • Approximate Individual Compartment Size: 1.73″ x 1.55″ x 1.7″ Deep

20 compartment product dimensions: Overall: 11.63 x 8.37 x 1.9 Approximate Individual Compartment Size: 1.75 x 2.04 x 1.7 Deep


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Customer Reviews

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Alek Dafoe
Vitamin Organizer

I just got my organizer yesterday and put all my supplements in it! Love it as it keeps them all in one place and looks so satisfying!

Love it!

I really love my supplement organizer! It’s much faster and easier to take all my Suzanne Organics supplements now that I don’t have to open each individual bottle! Everything is organized and labeled and I just go down each row, easy peasy!