Southwest BBQ Pulled Pork

Southwest BBQ Pulled Pork

Caroline with Pulled Porkl

This easy recipe makes for a wonderful family meal, especially for game day! INFUSIO Southwest Sea Salt Rub has the perfect proportions of Celtic Sea Salt and spices of the region, so there’s nothing left for you to do, but take the credit! Serve with soft buns or lettuce cups of corn tortillas for the gluten-free folks. Also great over your favorite nachos! Delicious!

Pulled Pork Sandwiched with INFUSIO bottles

4-5 pound pork butt (also called pork shoulder)
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
3-4 tablespoons INFUSIO Southwest Sea Salt Rub
1/2 cup chicken broth
3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup brown sugar
¼ red cabbage, thinly shredded
Juice of 1-2 limes
Sea salt 

Serving Suggestions:
1 bottle preferred BBQ Sauce
Brioche buns
Lettuce cups
Corn tortillas

Drizzle the olive oil over the pork butt, then generously coat all sides with INFUSIO Southwest Sea Salt Rub. Heat a large heavy stock pot or Dutch oven on medium high heat. Add a bit of olive oil (or any neutral oil) to cover bottom of the pan, then add the pork. Sear for 2-3 minutes on all sides until universally browned.

In the bottom of a slow cooker, combine the broth, vinegar and brown sugar. Transfer the pork to the slow cooker. Turn on heat to low and cover. Cook for 8-10 hours.

To make the cabbage slaw, combine the thinly sliced cabbage with the lime juice. Sprinkle with sea salt and toss to combine. Set aside.

The pork is done when it easily pulls apart with a fork. When cooked, shred all the pork with two forks, tossing in any juices in the bottom of the slow cooker. Then transfer the shredded pork onto a shallow platter. Drizzle with desired amount of BBQ sauce. To serve, place a mound of BBQ pork onto a brioche bun (or lettuce cup or tortilla) and top with the cabbage.  Serve with extra sauce, as desired.

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