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What is Natural and Organic?

The truth of the matter is that the FDA has no set standard for the use of the words "Organic" and "Natural" when it comes to hair care and skincare. Any company can use the word "Organic" to describe their products, even if they're filled with dangerous toxins, just as long as one ingredient derives from plants or minerals. 

Because of this, just reading that a product is Natural or Organic doesn't mean it's healthy for you. So be careful, because it may still contain toxic, unhealthy chemicals.

So what can you do to ensure that the products you use on your skin and in your household are actually healthy? Fortunately, we have the answer for you.

ToxicFree Foundation


TOXICFREE certified products are guaranteed to be completely free from harmful chemicals.


TOXICFREE certified products contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the earth.


TOXICFREE certified products are manufactured sustainably and are safe for the environment.

Certified ToxicFree®

When a product bears the Certified ToxicFree® Seal, you can be sure it is:

  • pure, safe, organic, eco-friendly, and luxurious
  • grown, processed, and formulated with organic purity, and without the use of any dangerous chemicals and toxins.
  • formulated to support a broad product line exceeding new stringent legislative guidelines, such as Bill 484, the California Safe Cosmetics Act.
  • free from any toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic components for any ingredient used.

When you see the ToxicFree Seal, you can be confident what you are using for you, your family, friends and pets is truly ToxicFree. Even though using healthy, organic ingredients cost us more when producing these products, your health is worth it!


Why Does It Matter?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), "synthetics in skin / hair care and household products cause birth defects, learning disorders, obesity, cancers and sexual dysfunction," and ingredients in shampoos, dyes, detergents, and sunscreens may be mixing up your hormonal signals." 

We are now exposed to over 500 chemicals a day in the products that families commonly use, and these can seriously impact our health and quality of life. In fact, we are the first generation ever who have been exposed to such a huge amount of potentially dangerous chemicals daily.

This is an experiment that you shouldn't be a part of! There are now 700,000 chemicals which are commercially produced for consumption in the United States.

Do you know which are in your medicine cabinet? Buy Certified ToxicFree®, and you can be sure to avoid all of them.