100% Gluten Free

100% Gluten Free Organic Makeup Skincare Bodycare and Haircare

100% Gluten Free: Every Single Makeup, Skincare, Body Care, and Hair Care Product

Do you have an allergy to gluten, or gluten intolerance? You can still use all SUZANNE Organics products without any worry, because they are completely gluten free. While individuals with Celiac Disease may not generally have to worry about skincare that contains gluten because the skin doesn't absorb the gluten, they still have to be careful about getting any around their mouth or lips. Obviously, with many facial care and makeup products, this can be a big problem.

In order to maintain our pledge of offering only the purist of products, we keep them completely free of gluten.

Oat Beta glucan

When you see Oat Beta glucan listed in our ingredients, you do not need to worry. Oat Beta glucan does not contain gluten, the compound in wheat that aggravates autoimmune disorder. This is because when a grain is turned into sucrose (a polyol) and it is processed so that the ''gluten'' has been removed. Oat beta-glucan is a soluble fiber that is found in the cell wall of whole oats. It is comprised of long chains of glucose and is a polysaccharide.

Oat Beta glucan is a soluble fiber found in the cell walls of oat kernels. As a natural polymer, beta glucan stimulates the immune system and is used in products designed to help heal wounds faster. As an ingredient in personal care products, beta glucan features the ability to induce cellular activities which lead to the restructuring of skin, resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Some of its functional properties include:

• Stimulates collagen synthesis
• Provides protection against UVA/UVB damage
• Acts as a natural moisture barrier and film-forming agent
• Promotes cell renewal; anti-ageing
• Improves skin viscoelasticity
• Decreases hyperpigmentation due to photodamage
• Improves tensile hair strength and significantly reduces breakage caused by bleaching
• Seals, protects, and moisturizes the skin

Traceable, Sustainable, Gluten Free Ingredients

All of our Oat Beta glucan is purchased from the same supplier and all are gluten free. All of our ingredients are sustainable, traceable, Non GMO, gluten-free, low carbon foot print and biodegradable. These actives are non allergenic and have not been tested on animals.