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Gift to myself

You can't go wrong with any of the products! I love everything I've tried! Treat yourself!

Found a new way

Ok, so I am of mixed races with naturally curly hair and I need a LOT of product on my wet hair..even with this after I added the amount I needed it would become hard in places..I have solved that problem by using 1/4 product to 3/4 water..I can use this liberally...and my curls turn out beautiful..I know this isn't the recommended way to apply the product, but it works so well as a curl gel this way

GROBACK Vented Brush
Amanda Sullivan

It is like getting a scalp massage Really!
It doesn't get tangled in your hair, bendable so it flows better, feels better. I can definitely see were it would stimulate your scalp and help with hair growth. Ordering 2nd brush..Son loves it too

Sinus Renew

Can’t say enough about how this helps! Thanks for developing these products.

Anti-aging eye cream

This is one of my favorite eye products by Suzanne Somers ! I love how it reduces the appearance of lines under my eyes & is soothing with a gentle fragrance! I would strongly recommend this to any woman 45 yrs & older as it really works!

Love this product!

Purchase this free with a gift certificate from the loyalty program. If you are not a member check out Explore Suzanne Loyalty Program. You get free stuff and great discounts.

Great sharpener!

Love this! Just tried it out and it sharpens very well!

Thanks for the quick shipping of the replacement

Smells Great!

Love this stuff! It smells amazing and it’s a perfect consistency for applying to your skin. And it works!

Gut renew gummies

These are the only thing that has worked for me. Keep the tummy feeling good and no bloating. I recently set up the subscription feature and it is wonderful. No worry about running out. Try them. I think you will love them too!

The Sunshine Box :)

I am Amazed each and every month by the products ~ They are 100% the VERY BEST !!!!
Been receiving this box for 5 years now and it's such a nice treat I do for MYSELF :)
I get compliments on my skin and I will be 59 in October ~ keep doing what you are doing !
Hugs and kisses to the whole Suzanne Family

Clean feeling deodorant

I never thought I could switch to a non toxic organic deodorant and have it work! Well this product not only works I want to reapply durning the day because it smells so good and gives me a fresh cool feeling. I actually enjoy putting deodorant on now.

Summer Lovin' Dress
Claire Massey
Chic and Comfy!

Got the vibe....relaxed but fashionable.!

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU
Carol Syracuse
Vitamin D

It has helped me slot. I learned about it and benifits from Suzanne . I learned do muccc V from her and whst it goes gir your health and body .

Beautiful floral dress, the perfect gift!

I bought this dress for my daughter in-laws birthday and she was so happy and received numerous compliments at her birthday celebration! You did it again Leslie, thank you! Now waiting for the hats to come back in stock! Keep designing!

Love my monthly selects boxes!g

I truly love each monthly selects box I receive! It’s always exciting to get my new box. Great products at a great price. Worth every penny. I’m never disappointed .

I absolutely love this lotion

I have 30 years of damage from harsh soaps from the hospital which I have never been able to find a lotion that helps until now, my hands look younger now. I wish I could send a tube to everyone I know. My daughter just started working in the hospital so I will definitely get her one. Thank you for making a wonderful product.

Moisturizing, Not Greasy

Love that a small drop goes a long way. I use right after toner. One of my favorites

Creamy lipstick

Absolutely love carmelized peach. It’s my favor for my skin tone. I’m olive complexion and brunettes. The best part is that it’s chemical/toxic free and goes on smooth and creamy. It also moisturizes your lips. A must have!!!


This product is great. It’s creamy and doessnt cake up. My under eyes look smooth and beautiful

Amazing Monthly Surprise!

I have been gifting myself this amazing box every month since 2019. It is my guilty pleasure, and it never disappoints!!

Keeping Down the Mold This Summer

This is the first summer we've used the units and the normal damp/moldy smell on the lower levels of our home from higher humidity is gone. I forgot to change the cartridge for the one in the basement for several days after it ran out. The units work in the background so efficiently that I forget what a difference they make.

Summer Lovin' Dress- White Linen

Love this White Linen Dress. Thank you Leslie for making them for us! Hope you bring out more of your Fashions!

Summer Lovin' Dress in Floral

Love the Floral with the pockets!

Summer Lovin' Dress in Blond Leopard

Very nice.