In all those years I used expensive foundations, I had no clue about the dangerous parabens absorbing into my skin. When I dusted on my powder, I didn't know it was filled with plastics and petroleum fillers that suffocate the skin. I didn't know the blush had toxic artificial dyes, which have been banned in the food supply, but are still allowed in makeup. And I had no idea how much lead I was ingesting from traditional lipstick!

I am proud to bring you SUZANNE™ Organics Cosmetics made with skin-nurturing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, aloe, argan oil, grape seed oil, bamboo powder, tapioca, rich mineral powders, raspberries, oranges, Vitamin E and more. We use the power of nature to find the most effective botanical actives for clean, beautiful products to feed, nurture and hydrate your precious skin, while giving you flawless coverage for a more beautiful you. It's beautiful superfood for your skin. Finally, make-up that’s actually good for you!