Zannie's Lemon Herb Chicken

Zannie's Lemon Herb Chicken

1) Drizzle a 5 lb chicken with olive oil 2) Slice the top a head of garlic and rub all over 3) Squeeze a lemon, then toss it inside the cavity 4) Liberally sprinkle with sea salt 5) and freshly cracked black pepper 6) add oil, onions, garlic, and lemon slices 7) cover with fresh tarragon, sage, rosemary, and thyme 8) top with lemon slices and butter 9) roast at 350 degrees for 120 minutes
Images of Suzanne preparing the chicken



Hi, would be helpful with more instructions. So we rub the garlic on the chicken then what? Does the onion get thrown in pan whole? Etc….

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