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Resveratrol Renew

Resveratrol Renew

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RestoreLife Formulas Resveratrol Renew Dietary supplement, 30 vegetarian capsules containing trans-resveratrol, polyphenol blend, quercetin, and trans-pterostilbene to help reduce free radical damage and activate genes which promote long life.

  • Targeted plant-derived compounds.
  • Supports the body's ability to neutralize "oxidative stress." If left unchecked, this oxidative stress could accelerate the aging process through free radical damage.
  • Enhances the body's ability to activate "longevity genes" – similar to benefits realized from calorie restriction

What differentiates this resveratrol product from other resveratrol-type products on the market includes: 

  • The "resveratrol" dose claim is based solely on the amount of "free" trans isomer of resveratrol (This is unlike other products that often claim their resveratrol potency as a combination of the "free" form of the cis and trans isomers and/or the "glycoside" (sugar attached) form of cis and trans isomers.) The addition of pterostilbene which works in synergistic fashion with resveratrol to activate one's "longevity genes" 
  • The amount of pterostilbene is equivalent to the amount typically found in over 20 cups of blueberries (based upon typical ranges of pterostilbene content found in blueberries.) 
  • The inclusion of a full spectrum of stilbene (resveratrol-like) compounds typically stored in the whole grape plant that provides critical natural protection for the plant against pathogens and environmental stresses 
  • The inclusion of a full spectrum of water-soluble, purple pigmented, polyphenol compounds typically found in red grape-derived foods such as grapes, grape juice and red wine that provide antioxidant protection against oxidative stress in the body 
  • One serving of Optimized Resveratrol provides an amount of trans-resveratrol (250mg) equivalent to that found in 715 glasses (6 oz/glass) of red wine
  • One serving of Optimized Resveratrol provides an amount of trans-pterostilbene (500mcg) equivalent to that found in over 20 cups of blueberries
  • Quercetin - One serving of Optimized Resveratrol provides an amount of quercetin (60mg) equivalent to that found in up to 9 whole apples
  • Pterostilbene - Rich in key component of blueberries thought to confer similar benefits as resveratrol The formula contains 500 micrograms of pterostilbene, an amount of pterostilbene found in about 20 cups of fresh blueberries. One cup of fresh (raw) blueberries weighs 145 grams
This product is:

Dairy Free | Soy Free | Gluten Free | Egg Free | Fish Free |Sesame Free | Shellfish Free | Tree Nut Free | Peanut Free

Take one (1) capsule daily with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. 

CAUTION: If you are taking any prescription medications, consult with your doctor before using this product.



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Customer Reviews

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You can’t go wrong with this supplement…the amount of pterostilbene in just one serving is equivalent to 20 cups of blueberries. I’m happy to know I’m taking these antioxidants to help with free radicals and to combat aging.

Susan Starck

Works great

Great supplement

This one is a game changer for more energy and better health.
Lots of research to back it up.


It gives me wonderful energy!

Five Star Supplement

This is one of my favorite supplements that I have taken for years. The research behind it and the benefits are so great.