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SUZANNE Organics 3-Piece Men's Facial Care Kit

SUZANNE Organics 3-Piece Men's Facial Care Kit

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SUZANNE Organic Products Work Just as Well for Men

Most of my products work just as well for men as they do for women. Just ask Alan – he just keeps getter better with age (If I do say so myself!), while using my skincare, supplements, and body care products!

Organic Mens' Skincare for a Smooth, Soft Face

Here's one great suite of products for men – to keep his face smooth, soft, and healthy! Why shave with chemical shaving creams that strip skin of moisture?  

This kit includes:

  • SUZANNE Organics Shaving Gel
  • SUZANNE Organics Bioactive Moisturizer
  • SUZANNE Organics Liquid Oxygen Therapy Facial Serum

Here's an easy 3-step process that will keep his face soft and smooth.  

Step 1: Shaving Gel provides a clean, close shave with skin nurturing ingredients
Step 2: Liquid Oxygen calms any sensitivities from shaving and hydrates with a breath of oxygen.  
Step 3: BioActive Moisturizer replaces nutrients with CoQ10, Argan Oil and Sea Buckthorn Berry while targeting fine lines and wrinkles.   

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Customer Reviews

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I have never gone to one specific company for skincare. I'd pick and choose favorite products from here and there. I listened to Suzanne's request of giving her products 28 days, using no other products in order to get the full effect of all organic, toxic free products. I am a complete convert and loyal customer! The shave gel has provided me, for the first time almost EVER, with a smooth, clean, non-irritated shave. I can't believe it. I have tried EVERYthing. I use the toner, eye cream, bioactive moisturizer and ageless serum. Hey, guys need to take care of themselves too! Each product feels amazing on the skin and keeps me feeling hydrated for HOURS. I've always had sensitive skin, these products give me NO reaction and I am thoroughly satisfied with their effectiveness.