In your 30's or 40's? You're changing.

Why are so many young women in their thirties and forties feeling like PMS is their new normal? On a roller-coaster ride of emotions, they are uncharacteristically cranky and fatigued—a bitchy, nasty, fuzzy-minded person they barely recognize and don’t enjoy (and neither, by the way, do their partners and families). It’s perimenopause, that lesser-known term defining the years when women’s hormones are kissing them good-bye, before they reach menopause. Perimenopause takes a big toll on women’s moods, health, and relationships.

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Tired of Being at the Mercy of Your Hormones?

Now, in I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause, Suzanne Somers, women’s health pioneer and passionate health care advocate, shares her findings on how to thrive during the years leading up to menopause, and relish those decades, feeling sexually vibrant and happy, with a strong, fit body and your brain firing on all cylinders. She is here to change the way that women experience the decade-plus before menopause.

"At around age 35, things started to change."

"Mood swings, PMS, plus annoying weight gain. I didn’t know that these symptoms were simply a prelude to other changes I was about to experience,” says Suzanne. “No one warned me I was about to lose ‘me’!

 “I went from doctor to doctor, getting the same explanations, ‘It’s a passage dear, it will pass.’ ‘No,’ I would say, ‘it’s not passing!’ They would try to prescribe antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds. I didn’t want their drugs! There had to be another way. I had to find some answers because—I WAS FALLING APART!”

Breaking the silence and sharing the latest information

Suzanne informs women as young as 35 what to do when they start to experience hormonal shifts that wreak havoc on their lives, prime them for cancer and other chronic and deadly health issues, and make them feel plain miserable. She discusses:

  • The minor hormones (or why you’re feeling so crappy)
  • The major hormones and the importance of maintaining balance among them 
  • How hormones serve as protection against many of the diseases of aging
  • BHRT—bioidentical hormone replacement therapy—and what the research really says about synthetics vs. bioidenticals
  • The safety of bioidentical hormones—why few women would turn down an antibiotic to save their life, but they might decline a hormone that could prevent a deadly heart attack
  • Informative study results like these: In 1996, the American Cancer Society published a study of 422,373 postmenopausal women who were cancer free at the beginning of the nine-year study. They found that women of all ages who took estrogens experienced a 16 percent decreased risk of dying from breast cancer, compared to nonusers, and that women who experienced natural menopause by the age of 40 and who used bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) had a 41 percent decreased chance of dying from breast cancer.
  • The foods and nutrients that energize, plus exercise and other lifestyle shifts to consider
  • Hidden factors that could be sustaining your symptoms; for example, as many as 60 percent of people suffer from undetected food allergies with symptoms like headaches, fatigue, inability to focus, joint pain, anxiety, and depression 
  • The Symptom Solver—specific nutritional and other interventions to address the most common symptoms like hot flashes, painfully swollen breasts, breakthrough bleeding, weight gain, yeast infection and candida, and more
  • Real questions and real answers about perimenopause from top physicians
  • Bonus materials, including letters from women who have been there and have been helped with BHRT, plus much more
  • With a foreword by Dr. Prudence Hall, renowned gynecologist, on the patients and studies that support bringing hormones back to a youthful healthy balance, as soon as they begin to decline

Once again, Suzanne Somers is telling it like it is, to benefit women and help them improve their health, lifestyles, and relationships. I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS! is empowering, liberating, practical, informative, and will help women add joy to their years, and quite possibly, add years to their lives.

Read a FREE Excerpt and find other places to buy here.