A Poem for Mothers

(Originally printed on Facebook on May 12, 2013)

"I've been thinking of my sweet mother this week. I remember the last time I had the privilege to be with her and the feeling of holding her soft little hand as it held onto mine, tender and trusting. My very last conversation with her was about forgiveness. My mother kept me sane in our insane life with a raging alcoholic. She always told me I could do anything, was never critical, just approving of whatever direction I chose.

Our mothers shape us, make us the women and men we eventually become. No one loves us like our mothers, so today I salute all the mothers and the joy motherhood brings. I also salute the sacrifices mothers make daily on behalf of their children; all the caring, the worry, the concern and nights spent comforting and keeping them safe.

Being a mother is the most important job women are given and nothing gives more satisfaction than to see the results of a job well done. I loved and love my mother dearly. I will always miss her. I am blessed to have been given Bruce, the most remarkable son, who didn't realize he was sent to give his teenage mother a reason for living.

I love being a mother figure as well to Leslie, Stephen, Olivia and Caroline – all of whom I love. I used to think about my mother and cry because I missed her. Today I think about my mother and it makes me feel good. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers here and passed. God bless them and the role they played in each of our lives."