SUZANNE Organics Wholesale


This page is for participants of the Suzanne Somers Wholesale Program only. Resellers who are members of the Suzanne Somers Wholesale Program will have a special code which gives them 50% off their purchases for the purpose of resale.

(Note: bundles and kits are not included in the Wholesale Program, and it is limited to Makeup, Skincare, Body Care, Haircare, and Supplements. You will also receive a discount code that provides 25% off Thighmasters, Thighmasters, Toning Systems, Supplements, and Protein Powders.)

Step 1: Review the policies of the program.

Step 2: Purchase a $25 yearly membership.

This gives you access to the benefits and wholesale prices of SUZANNE Organics products.

Step 3: Within 24 Business hours of purchasing your yearly membership, you will receive an email with your individual discount Wholesale Codes.

Please do not share your discount code with anyone. If your code is used by any other person, it will be disabled and your membership in the Suzanne Somers Wholesale Program will end.

If you have any questions, please do not use the standard Customer Service channels. Instead, send an email to jasonlatshaw at (Email has been changed slightly here to prevent spam.)