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Hair, Skin & Nail Mini Kit

Hair, Skin & Nail Mini Kit

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Value-Packed Glam

This duo includes:

• Wild Orange Vanilla Rescue Hair Mask (4 oz.)
• Ageless Serum Bonus Size (2.5 oz) 

Rescue Hair Mask
Damaged, dry, brittle hair needs to be rescued from over-processing and heat styling. Rather than using more chemicals, SUZANNE Organics uses nutrition to restore hair to youthful health.

      Ageless Serum Bonus Size
      This remarkable Ageless Serum helps plump, firm and restore elasticity to aging skin. If you imagine an old, brittle rubberband, you can see how dry and aging, skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. When it’s young, that rubberband bounces back, just like youthful skin keeps us looking taut.



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