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I grew up watching you on TV, then went on to follow you where you taught me so much about living. You inspired me to get the toxins out of my home and off of my body, how to eat organically and how to cook with love. While your presence was always so full of life, love and laughter, you had a calmness about you in the way you adored and loved Alan and how you enjoyed your family, your home and surroundings. You have left a lasting impression on my life and I desire to do better because of you. Fly high angel. May Alan, Bruce and the rest of your family and loved ones find comfort in the amazing memories they have with you.


She was a shining light for many people! She will be missed and my heart goes out to her family and friends! Suzanne, please rest in peace. ❤️‍🩹🙏

Henry Freeman

my condolences to the Entire Family, Friends. She will be missed. I will keep Family in my prayers


Sweet, sweet Chrissy, no matter where you are now, our hearts will be always with you, by you.

Mauro Corrarati

Suzanne has been my idol from the first time I saw her on TV. I have followed her career & admire her strength. She is everything that a woman should be. Many years ago while waiting for a plane, someone ran to me thinking I was Suzanne. It was one of the the biggest compliments I’ve ever received! (I had my hair cut like hers at the time). I will also never forget going to see her one-woman show on Broadway, where I fell in love with her even more! I will miss her so much!

Kathy Vining

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