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Thank you for sharing yourself, Al and your wonderful family with us, Suzanne. You were a bright light in the world, as I’m sure you will be in heaven. Rest in peace, sweet lady.


I’ve always admired & 💗 Suzanne you left us all a footprint to follow. 👣 So now God carries you…😇Thank you for being you…


Suzanne, you are going to be truly missed. The world lost a very huge Icon yesterday 10/15/2023. I have been such an admirer of you ever since I started watching you on 3’s Company. Your life and accomplishments will be forever instilled into your Legacy of your grandchildren and your family. I looked forward to watching you and your husband hosing your family events and cooking your wonderful dishes with all of us on the social media page we call Facebook. I have 10 granddaughters and I will always instill in them everything I have learned and burned into my memory from you. From one blond to another my heart is broken but I honestly know and can say that you will never ever be forgotten. Looking forward to meeting you one day as I enter those pearly gates of Heaven once I leave this earth. All my love and condolences go out to you and your family.

Neva Marcantel

Was shocked and so saddened to hear of your passing yesterday evening. I’ve been following you past couple years now and wow did I enjoy you and Alan’s shows. I felt like I became part of your family and got to know Bruce, Caroline, Camilla, Violet, Daisy and Bunny. You are leaving a HUGE void in our lives. I’m especially praying for Al as it seems you two were never apart. Praying for all of you!!!!!!!! Things will never be quite the same. I hope the shows continue on. Love to you all!

Debi Jacobs

An amazing woman. Beautiful inside and out. I’ve always admired her talents and kindness towards others.

Patricia Marsh

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