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Hi Al, and family! I haven’t written for a while, and am aware that you ,Al, read this page daily. I’m missing Suzanne very much, and am happy to see you, Caroline, Bruce, Leslie and the beautiful ❤️ young ladies every week. I hope that you are getting along well, and am always happy to see your FB live shows . Thanks so much for keeping maintaining Suzanne’s wonderful legacy. She had paved the way for many . I’m forever grateful. I just wanted to say Hello and wish you, Al, and the family a wonderful day, and week ahead. I pray for you all, and hope that the entire family is blessed. Sending much love . Eva💕


I am truly heartbroken by the passing of suzanne. I truly feel like I knew her and of course thru her podcasts I got to know Caroline and Bruce and Leslie and the kids. The podcasts were an inside window into.your lives. I was able to capture your true live for each other. And it expanded since the 60’s. I was so fortunate even though I was extremely young to watch you Alan and Suzanne the model on the anniversary game show. I am grateful I was able to meet suzanne thru the magic of television. She was a tremendous force on threes company. Then thru the years I saw her on.QVC
She sold me on thigh master abd her books. She was the ultimate saleswoman even though you never felt intimated by her awesome skills at making you realize you needed her products. Even recently I’ve purchased some cooking oils. I only recently realized She had a podcast. Ive watched all of you many many hours a day. You really made me feel welcome into your lives. I will truly miss suzanne as she had become my.hero. I to had breast cancer but chose the other route. I hope you will all continue on your podcast. You are like a family to me. Alan and Bruce and Caroline and Leslie and the other siblings and grandchildren I only wish you love. Thank you again for sharing your lives with me.

Jill henchel

Suzanne is the reason I got well. She was so inspiring and positive with her books, shows, cooking and her FB videos. I have benefited by listening to her health tips. Bio-identical hormones saved me from a lot of misery. She was and still is a Force of Nature. Missed and loved by many. I miss watching her on the Face Book videos. I’m so glad her family is carrying on her life’s work. She armed a lot of women with information we were not getting elsewhere. Bless you Suzanne, I know you’re out there watching over your loved ones. ❤️

Lynn Hackwell

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