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Suzanne Somers Tribute

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Loved watching Suzanne and Colleen on HSN with their pajama party! They had great chemistry together and Suzanne was playful and fun to watch!


Rest in peace Suzanne! I know you loved to sing, dance and entertain our troops. God bless you Suzanne and our troops this Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2024.


Suzanne was a bright, positive woman, not to mention beautiful, funny and talented. Our family loved watching step by step together every Friday night. And I especially enjoyed Suzanne and Allen together. The love and support for each other was inspiring. I lost my husband unexpectedly last year and have a personal understanding of losing a beloved spouse, my heart goes out to Allen and the family. I am sorry for your loss and pray God minister’s to you as you continue to walk through your loss.


Hello! I was thinking of Susanne and you ladies who share your day and of course Allen I’m hoping you beautiful people are sticking together during the holiday. Please send me your address to receive you ❤️Vicki Newman

Vicki Newman

Still cant believe youre no longer here. You are still teaching us and making us laugh (w/Al & family) through your Youtube videos. Im so happy they will always be there. Thank You Suzanne! ❤


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