INFUSIO Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Fall 4-Piece Set

INFUSIO Extra-Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Fall 4-Piece Set

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Hand-Harvested Extraordinary Quality and Taste

We start with the finest hand-harvested olives to create small batches of extra virgin olive oil, then infuse these beautiful oils with aromatic herbs, spices or citrus for a variety of finishing oils that will bring life to salads, vegetables, marinades, pastas, grains, breads, poultry, fish, pork, beef and more.  Layer these sublime oils with Infusio Balsamic Vinegars for extraordinary flavor profiles.

Carefully crafted in Modena, Italy, these creamy, velvety balsamic vinegars start with the finest grapes from local Italian vineyards. They are aged to perfection with classic fermentation techniques, then infused with extraordinary flavor profiles.

12.7 ounces



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Customer Reviews

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Kara Winkle
Absolutely Delicious

The Infusio balsamic vinegars are absolutely delicious. I drizzle them over salads, vegetables, and cooked meats and they have definitely improved my cooking. They’re so good you can enjoy them with just a spoon! I have all of the flavors and am experimenting with them all to create new flavor combinations.
They are all delicious but beware you won’t buy store brand balsamics again once you taste them!

Wonderful Oils!

The Vanilla Fig balsamic vinegar and the Meyers Lemon olive oil are my favorites. Such high quality and no strange fake taste to them. If you want to elevate your meats, salads, pizzas or crudités tray, these are a must try!

Excellent Quality Balsamic Vinegar!

I have all of the flavors. They are all very smooth and very good quality. The vanilla dig and black cherry vinegars are my favorite. Decadent and really elevates any meal. Thank you Suzanne for providing such quality products!

Margaret Fallon
World Class Balsamic

I have been cooking professionally for almost 50 years (eek!), with access to many fine products. These vinegars easily stand up against the best, and are worth every penny. Black Cherry is my very favorite, with Vanilla Fig a close second. One taste, and you’ll never go back to the stuff sold in supermarkets.


I ordered both the Tuscan and Herbs de Provence and they SURPASSED any description that could be told! Absolutely fantastic!!