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GROBACK Scalp Massager

GROBACK Scalp Massager

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Exfoliate and Stimulate Blood Flow

Wooden scalp massager with silicone bristles vigorously massages the scalp to gently exfoliate while helping to increase blood flow to support the hair growth cycle. 

  • Use in combination with GROBACK Hair & Scalp Formula to evenly distribute to the roots of the hair.
  • May also be used in the shower for scalp massage.
  • Recommended for all hair types.
For best results, use in combination with GROBACK on towel dried or dry hair.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Cherie Boettger

Go back makes my hair feel healthy, smooth, and soft.

Baby hairs!

I’ve been using Groback for about 5 months as directed. My hair is very fine plus having hair loss on the crown. Now I have baby hairs growing and bald spots are filling in!
Never thought it would happen but it is!
Thank you for this clean product that works😊

Christine Bauserman
Groback Serum - question on pumper

I love how this makes my hair have that extra special boost of smoothness. But the pumper is clogged up - what do you recommend to unclog it - I have tried Dawn and Lemon Oil ?

Patti Rocha

Wow! I cannot believe how well this product works. It smooths my 'flyaway' bits and makes it shine and easy to style. Plus, it does NOT dry it out at all. I'm not one to put product in my hair but I have been using this daily for over 2 months and am so happy with how well my hair looks. LOVE it!!

Rexanne Darnell
Hair growth

Trying this product and it works well