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GUT RENEW Fiber Gummies

GUT RENEW Fiber Gummies

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  • Supports Digestive Health •
  • Helps Support Regularity •
  • Contains 7.9g of GOFOS (beet FOS) prebiotic fiber per serving •
  • Equals 6g of dietary fiber •
  • Mixed Berry flavor

Dietary Fiber is a key nutrient important for human health for a number of key reasons, including healthy digestion, elimination, immune status and more. Diets higher in dietary fiber can increase the frequency of bowel movements and can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. However, most Americans do not consume adequate or recommended amounts of dietary fiber daily, which calls for nutritional intervention, both in terms of fiber-rich foods and fiber-rich dietary supplements. Clinical research indicates that use of FOS can increase proliferation of bifidobacterial and other probiotics in the gut, improve digestive health and enhance immune response. Studies also show both FOS and other types of fiber can promote healthy regularity and promote digestive health. GUT RENEW Fiber Gummies provide 7.9 grams of FOS from beet (GOFOS®), equivalent to 6 grams of dietary fiber per3 gummies serving.

SUGGESTED USE: Chew 3 gummies, up to 3 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

INGREDIENTS: FOS (fructooligosaccharides from beets) , water, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, vegetable oil (coconut and palm), carnauba wax, natural flavors, grape extract (color) and paprika (color). Contains: Coconut


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Theresa Jackson
Tastes Great!

Not overly sweet or sour.

Gut Renew Gummies

These are delicious and so helpful to your digestive system! Thank you for adding this product to your wonderful line we love!

Beckie Daniel
Gut Renew Gummies

Love, Love, Love Gut Renew Gummies, helps with BM (Bowl Movement) and taste s great. Wish I had known about this years ago. I highly recommend this product!

Sandra Turcotte
Fiber Gummies

I love the Fiber Gummies. They taste so good. I love that there is no sugar in them. What a great way to add fiber to my day.


They seem to control my digestive system. I haven't had the pain in my stomach.