Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers’ NY Times Bestsellers Bundle

Suzanne Somers’ NY Times Bestsellers Bundle

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4 of Suzanne's Best-Sellers – All in One Money-Saving Bundle

This Bundle Includes:

• Tox-Sick (paperback)
• Ageless (hardcover)
• Bombshell (hardcover)
• Knockout (hardcover)


In Ageless, I introduce an inspiring, medically validated approach to reversing the aging process and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, mentally sharp, sexually active life—while building the body’s natural defenses against age-related diseases. 

  • In this “anti-aging Bible”, I bring together prominent, Western-trained anti-aging doctors who are at the forefront of a medical revolution to show how the traditional medical approach is woefully inadequate and outdated. This standard of care has been to treat all symptoms with drugs, but inAgeless you will find out how this approach does not make us better.
  • With anti-aging medicine you can heal your body rather than keep a chronic condition at bay with drugs. Ageless shows you how to keep your “insides” young, and how this manifests on the outside. What could be better than having your doctor tell you that you have the bones of a 20 year old, or the heart of a 30 year old?
  • You can be young on the inside if you follow the advice in Ageless. I reveal the secrets to youthfulness that everyone can achieve, and shows us all how to live the ageless life!


Pioneering health and wellness advocate, Suzanne Somers, delivers a powerful answer in this expose on the immediate and long-term dangers of living in a world that has become increasingly toxic to our health. The build-up of toxins in our bodies can lead to myriad health concerns — including weight gain, food allergies, brain disorders, cancer, among many others. Moved to investigate by her own family’s plight, Suzanne sits down with environmental doctors and specialists who share eye-opening information and practical advice for how to survive, thrive, and stay healthy today. In Tox-Sick you’ll learn how to effectively detox all your body’s systems and the different survival skills that can save your life, from top experts in the field, including:  

  • DR. SHERRY ROGERS, an environmental doctor for over 40 years, shares the truth about detoxification—and where you will likely be if you don’t take it seriously. 
  • DR. NICHOLAS GONZALEZ shares where cancer comes from and how to manage it by detoxifying the liver and supplementing with enzymes.
  • DR. RITCHIE SHOEMAKER alerts you to mold toxicity, the newest threat to your brain and wellbeing…and just what to do to fight for your health.
  • DR. WALTER CRINNION teaches what everyday objects to avoid and the simple diet and lifestyle shifts to clean up your health and home in mere weeks!
  • DR. STEPHEN SINATRA, America’s leading integrative cardiologist, explains that we have been approaching heart disease all wrong: a healthy gut, detoxed body, and quality fats are each crucial and cardioprotective. 
  • DR. GARRY GORDON shares new protocols for removing toxic lead from the body, as well as ways to keep the most important gland in your body, the thyroid, clean and healthy.

From diet and supplement advice to coconut oil cleanses, everything you need to live clean and enjoy great health is in your hands.


Forget anti-aging, this is the next step: embracing it, looking forward to it, and enjoying it. In her groundbreaking new book, Suzanne Somers redefines aging as we know it. And who better to do it than Suzanne, bestselling phenomenon and health pioneer. 

“I’m 65 and I feel great,” says Suzanne. “I’m happy, healthy, I have energy, and my bones are strong. I have perfect memory, and best of all, I have a sex drive!”


After reading stunning testimonials from inspirational survivors using alternative treatments and now cancer-free for eight, 17, and 26 years (even after stage IV pancreatic cancer), you'll be left with a feeling of empowerment and something every person who is touched by this disease needs...HOPE.

I interview some of today’s foremost Western-trained doctors and specialists who are using proven cutting-edge and innovative cancer treatments, therapies that build up the body rather than tear it down. These protocols help us protect and fortify our bodies against cancer, and help us heal after cancer surgery and survive longer cancer-free.

For those who prefer the traditional treatment, there is new information on how to make chemotherapy more effective and less degrading. Since prevention is the best course, Suzanne’s experts provide nutrition, lifestyle, and dietary supplementation plans to help protect you from getting the disease in the first place. 

Now nearly a decade cancer-free, I've conquered my fear and have emerged confident with the path I've chosen. In KNOCKOUT, I write about my personal choices and outline an array of options from doctors across the country, including:



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