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Suzanne Somers Toning System - ThighMaster Gold & ThighMaster LBX (ButtMaster)

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Due to high demand this product is on backorder and will be available the beginning of September or sooner. If purchased, you will still be charged for the item at checkout. Other products that are purchased, and are available, will be shipped separately as soon as possible.

Still the Best for Rock Hard Thighs. A Breakthrough in Home Thigh Fitness

It’s the ThighMaster Gold and the ButtMaster (LBX) together for the ultimate lower body home thigh fitness workout.

The Famous At-Home Leg Workout Devices That Tone, Shape, and Firm Your Inner and Outer Thighs

  • The ThighMaster provides resistance to help tighten and tone your inner thighs.
  • The ButtMaster provides resistance to help tighten and tone your hips, buns and outer thighs. 
  • Both tools are also great for sculpting arms, shoulders, chest and back.
  • It’s the fast, easy and inexpensive way to get in shape.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD.

M-Code: FIT50003999 


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